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Nick Schoeppner Program Manager

Nick is currently the Program Manager for the Level II program and independent living program here at NCFC. Prior to joining the team at NCFC, Nick was a foster home licensing worker and case manager at American Children’s Home for nearly two years. He has spent three years as a direct care staff in a level I residential group setting as well as three years as a direct care staff in a residential level III wilderness rehabilitation facility. Nick remembers his time at the level III fondly as it provided him the opportunity to truly appreciate his impact on the children he works with and to start him on his career path in child welfare.

When Nick is not working, he enjoys reading young adult novels, playing video games, making stained glass, or watching television series that are popular with the residents to ensure he is able to bond with them over shared interests and explain their content to other employees at NCFC. Nick’s ultimate goal is to become licensed as a foster parent to be able to assist adolescents in his home with their development and reunification with their families of origin. He states that over the years he has thoroughly enjoyed working with countless teenagers and hopes to continue acting as and becoming a permanent resource for the young adults in his life.