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KaNesha BeckyAnn Leak (Becky) Program Manager

KaNesha BeckyAnn Leak (Becky) has been with Nazareth Child & Family Connection (NCFC), for over seven years. Becky is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, majoring in Mass Communications. Becky began working at a local newspaper after graduation but her passion for working with kids was too powerful. Becky left the newspaper and then began working at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls club for four years as a Program Assistant.

Becky began her journey at NCFC in 2016 in the Males Focus Program and transitioned to the Female Focus Program in October 2016. Becky loved working with the young girls in the focus program and excelled at teaching the residents. Becky worked in the Transitional Living Program (TLS) from September 2017 to March 2020. Becky transitioned to the main office as a Case Manager in March 2020. Becky transitioned to Program Manager for NCFC Community Respite Program November 2022. Throughout her Nazareth career Becky was awarded the 2019 Thomas R. Brewer Sr. Friend of Children Award. An award that is only gifted to Direct Care staff for their commitment, passion, and service to the youth of Nazareth throughout the year. Becky was also the NCFC 2021 Employee of the Year Award recipient for her continued commitment and service to the children and families served throughout the year. Becky prides herself on being a team player, helping residents and staff, and doing all she can to improve the lives of the children we serve.