Teen Pregnancy Providing residential care to pregnant and parenting teen and young adult mothers and their infant or child.


The primary purpose of the Pregnant and Parenting Program is to provide residential care to pregnant and parenting teen and young adult mothers and their infant or child. If pregnant, individuals may enter the program at any time during their pregnancy. The program provides care to youth under the age of 21 in DSS custody or on a Voluntary Placement Agreement (VPA) with DSS who are pregnant or parenting.

While in the program, individuals will receive education about parenthood and be provided with a safe and healthy environment to make informed decisions about pregnancy and parenting. They will also have opportunities to pursue educational and vocational goals and attend childbirth classes. Once the baby is born, we will continue to provide care to keep mom and baby healthy and ensure they receive services to meet their individual needs, such as pediatric health care and postpartum care, including screening for post-partum depression. The new mother will receive formal and informal education on infant care and development and support in obtaining self-sufficiency.

Referral Source: DSS

Services & Education

The Program provides education, counseling, resources, and pregnancy support services to assist individuals who are pregnant and in need of assistance, consistent with our mission. Nazareth provides services regardless of the decision to parent, pursue adoption, terminate, or choose other temporary or permanent placement options.

Nazareth uses a family-style trauma-informed model to empower pregnant and parenting residents and those considered to be their Supports. We also promote your child’s well-being and support the involvement of family members, if appropriate, including the birth father.

  • Prenatal Education & Early Childhood Development
  • Residential Care
  • Financial Literacy
  • Individual & Family Counseling (as appropriate)
  • Independent Living/Life Skills Classes
  • Family Counseling
  • Needs Assessments
  • Parenting Skills
  • Case Management
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Transition Planning
  • Transportation
  • Career & Vocational Training
  • Education & Tutoring Services
  • Mentoring