Residential Level II Providing short-term therapeutic group home care for those individuals referred by the Care Coordination Team at Cardinal Innovations, current clinical homes, and DSS.

Nazareth Child & Family Connection has targeted a specific population of North Carolina’s children and developed a program that specifically address deficit areas children may exhibit in their home environment, educational setting, and in the community.

Residential Level II provides mental health services for those individuals who has documented struggles in the above environments and has a mental health diagnosis that helps to define the reasons for the socially unacceptable behaviors displayed.

The program provides short-term therapeutic group home care for those individuals referred by the Care Coordination Team at Cardinal Innovations, current clinical homes, and DSS. Along with the campus Case Manager, the family, DSS Social Worker when they are involved, and the clients, the goal is to successfully reunite these individuals with their families equipped with the tools they need to better cope with challenges in their lives.

  • Assessments
  • Continuum of Care
  • Group Sessions
  • Mental Health Services

Referrals for the Residential Level II are received from the parents, current clinical homes, and Cardinal Innovations.

The majority of the clients will remain in the custody of their legal guardians. The Department of Social Services will be involved with some of the clients, but they will work with the mental health agencies in order to have a client referred to the program.

The potential client must be a Medicaid recipient. The Residential Level II Program is licensed to serve males ages 12-18. The length of stay is determined by how well the client meets his outlined goals defined on his Person Centered Plan. The Person Centered plan is formed by the client, his guardian(s), and the current clinical home provider.

Nazareth Child & Family Connection believes in the team concept of childcare.

The individual teams in the program consist of full-time and part-time Direct Care Staff. Full-time staff work 24 hour shifts while part time staff members provide overnight awake monitoring of all activity. Our team also consists of a Case Manager and Program Manager. We all work together to provide all clients with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful and productive citizens.

We believe in the therapeutic progress and the more cohesive the team the greater the chances are for positive outcomes. Each child is unique and faced with challenges, but the Residential Level II Program welcomes each and everyone with open minds and hearts. Nazareth Child & Family Connection believes in positive change and best practice, and we thrive daily to help promote and produce positive contributors to society.

Group meetings or Family Conferences are held at least one time per week. This is a time for the clients to verbalize their likes and dislikes about things going on within the cottage setting and/or the community. The staff takes this time to teach needed communication skills, coping skills, problem solving skills, and build on the clients social skills.

The subject matter often relates to their outlined goals on their Person Centered Plans, which means they are collectively working towards successful outcomes before they are transitioned back into their homes or a lower level of care. The group time allows them to not only learn from the staff, but learn from one another as well from positive dialogue with their peers.

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Referral Procedures

In order to make a referral for any of our residential programs or foster care, please email information to

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If you have any questions, you can reach us via phone at 704.279.5556 or 888.207.0250.

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