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Staff Directory

Executive Staff
Vernon L. Walters, Jr. President/CEO Ext 122
Christopher Lookabill Director of Business Affairs Ext 130
Josh Regan Director of Development Ext 113
Cheri Peterson Development Assistant Ext 110
Jennifer Ethridge Director of Human Resources, Staff Development, and Quality Assurance Ext 112
Donna Cagler Director of Residential Services Ext 108
Jacqueline Millican Director of Licensing Ext 200
Foster Care and Adoptions
Shawn Squirewell Director of Foster Care and Adoptions Ext 111
                                                                 Transitional Living Services
O’Neil Walker Program Manager Ext 101
Rebecca Williams Ext 113
Residential Level II (ACE)
Della Pearson Case Manager
Program Manager Ext 123
Family Style Group Living
Edward Brown Program Manager Ext 102
Rebecca Williams Case Manager Ext 113
Carolina Counseling
Phone: (704)636-5522
FAX: (704)636-5533
Jim Mallinson Director of Program Development
Greg Yousey Director of Clinical Services
Dr. Lori Spells Psychiatrist
Dr. Aaron Albert Psychiatrist
Dr. Celia Spillman Psychiatrist
Andrea Bullock Counselor
Ronnie Glover Counselor
David Maxwell Counselor
Boyden Melton Counselor
Jacqueline Millican Counselor
Amelia Perez Counselor
Rebecca Stamler Counselor
Donna Travis Counselor
Charla Williams Counselor
Melody Mattingly Counselor
Ty Kays Counselor
Stephanie Soulies Counselor